Carry on re Gadless

Gadless- Afraid

Have a listen to this, “Afraid” is the new single from Gadless. It popped into our Gmail yesterday and within 15 seconds I knew I loved it. It’s an excellent song, a melodic, straight-ahead indie ballad. Top class vocals too – think Crowded House or Death Cab For Cutie as reference points. “Afraid” is the fourth single by Gadless on Ammos Music.It was recorded, mixed and produced by Nikos Chalkousis and Vasilis Skouras in Athens. Gadless is one of the most popular indie performers in Greece and has collaborated with artists like Papercut, In Order Of Disappearance, Solifer and Sonarise. He characterises his music as “melancholic chamber pop”*, we characterise it as brilliant.

*That’s very different than “melancholic chamber pot”, can you imagine? [you’re fired. Ed.]

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