I cannot let go of this track by Gdeto

Gdeto – Suddenly 2nd outing on SWIT and for a good reason. One of my favourite artists currently producing music, here’s the wonderful Suddenly off Gdeto’s Pillow Book EP. The video was filmed in Sofia, Aneliya’s grandfather’s town. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Check it out. Weekly YouTube Playlist

SWIT’s Week 15102017: The best songs by the greatest people. SUPER.

Psssst, over here. Yeah you. Interested in some high-grade SWIT? I’ve got everything you need, uppers, downers, inners, outers, ludes, dudes, moods and froods (froods?) I’m talkin’ Gdeto, Principe Valiente ,Patrick the Pan, Ora Cogan, David Harks, The Barbiturates, RØKR , De Lux, Skizzo Frenetik, Just Another Snake Cult, Wy, Ravanae & Lester JaMarcus!!! SWIT…

Super World Interview Time – Michael P. Cullen

We first encountered Michael on the release of the video for “Black Dog” of which we said “This is an immaculate live performance of “Black Dog” by Michael and the Soul Searchers. The band are Tim Powles (The Church), Craig Wilson, Andy Sharpe and James Harland-Wright. Are they tight? You better believe they’re tight, tighter…

Principe Valiente doesn’t come from the land of plenty

Principe Valiente – Running Juveniles From Stockholm, Sweden (Not Stockholm,Ireland) here’s the pretty excellent Principe Valiente with Running Juveniles. off their latest LP Oceans.Gorgeous city Stockholm. Gorgeous tune this. Weekly Playlist Spotify Playlist