The Cats of Transnistria are clawsome

Cats of Transnistria – Candy Man The waning of the year is upon us, the night has vanquished the day and northerly winds blow chilly and cold. People lapse into long silences, staring into nothingness as the steam rises from scalding cups of tea. Frost sparkles in the dawn light, a silver lining for every…

Take a trip back from the here and now with Andreas Dorau

Andreas Dorau – Nordsee “Liebe ergibt keinen Sinn”, the last song we posted by German pop maestro Andreas Dorau is riding high on my Best Of 2017 list (coming in December, chilly winds will blow the colour from your cheeks, SWIT’s best of will keep you warm for weeks), now please check out this new…

I like Elephants and Like Elephants

Like Elephants – Between Dreams and Truth Okay so I have a bit of thing for Alphaville and their Forever Young album. On a completely unrelated topic here’s a great tune called Between Dreams and Truth from Like Elephants. It’s from a new EP of the same title and it’s really excellent. Spotify 2017


Xoltev – Kkus Superb pop from Japan’s Xoltev

F*ckin’ heck man – you have to check out Joni Ekman.

Joni Ekman – Tien päällä taas Classic rock riffage from Joni Ekman this is irresistibly catchy. Off new LP 3 : Uneton Tampereella LP – final episode of his rock trilogy. Need to investigate more. Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist

Still Trees branch out with new single Lucille

Still Trees – Lucille 2nd outing on SWIT Means they’re definitely not Shit Here’s Still Trees doing their bit This ought to be a hit From their forthcoming EP – Letters to Lucille , here’s the title track. Great track. Spotify 2017

SWIT’s Saturday Night Ketchup

It’s getting to the end of the year when we start thinking about what made 2017 for us and there have been so many fantastic tunes over the past few weeks that’s we have not managed to cover in detail but need to be on that list of great SWIT tunes – so lest we…

Super World Interview Time: Sequoyah Tiger gets her stripes

We first became aware of Sequoyah Tiger with the release of “Paul Anka” from her debut for Morr Music “Ta-Ta-Ta-Time. She has since followed up with the unique and rather wonderful LP “Parabolabandit”. We were delighted when Leila Gharib (for she is the tiger), songwriter and singer from Verona, Italy answered some questions for us….

SWIT loves Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana – American Boy “American Boy” is the new single from Kraków Loves Adana from upcoming album “Songs After The Blue” on Better Call Rob & Rough Trade (sweeeeet!!). As we’ve come to expect from the duo it’s a stunning tune, possibly their finest to date. It’s ominous, it’s angry, it’s controlled, it’s…

The Wood Burning Savages most likely are

The Wood Buring Savages – Living Hell Is there something in the water in Derry the noo? There are a plethora of great arse-kicking rock and roll tunes emanating from the north-west these days. “Living Hell” is a prime example, it’s a real step up from The Wood Burning Savages, This is monster monster time,…