We need to have a chattanoogie about SHOESHINE

SHOESHINE – Monalysa Mona Lisa lost her smile, the painter’s hands are trembling now…probably because they’re suffering GBH at the hands of these noisesome Belgian indie rockers, SHOESHINE. Angular, jagged, persistent and downright contrary please do check out their new video for Monalysa. They keep knocking at my door, they’re kicking in my windows… The…

I’m the Celt who loves May Roosevelt

May Roosevelt – Air “Air” is the new single by May Roosevelt from forthcoming LP “Junea” out on October 23 via Inner Ear. So much happens in Air’s 5:32, it’s a journey, an electronic symphony, a minimalist Gregorian chant, it flows through steel cathedrals, deep underwater and skirts the highest peaks, it’s ominous and enchanting….