Tenant From Zero is my new hero

Tenant From Zero – The Nape of Your Neck

“Serendipity always rewards the prepared” and we are today the beneficiaries of another happy accident. Yesterday we featured the cover of “The Sound of Crying” that Tenant From Zero did with The Loch Ness Mouse on the “I Remeber That” Sophistipop compilation. It was my first introduction to Paul Darrah (the tenant in question) and he then got in touch to present his recent EP – “The Nape Of Your Neck”.

He said “I’m not quite sure which song to submit from my ep that I released earlier this year, so I’m trying this one (but please feel free to choose any that you think fits your programming. They’re all bangers.”

The song in question is the opening track “Grant McLennan”, a touching tribute to the late and very great Go-Between. Gerry and I saw Grant and Robert play together in Vicar Street back on June 4th 1999, I believe he gave Gerry his plectrum after the gig, he seemed like a really cool guy and is sadly missed. It’s a lovely tune with nicely-judged Go-Betweens reflections, especially in the harmonies and the guitar.

Here’s the thing, the rest of the record just gets better and better. Paul has a really excellent voice, mature, care-worn and earthy, that matches the mood of the songs perfectly, “The Orange Of Autumn” and “Who Painted This Past Year Blue” (love the trumpet) are standout tracks for me. There are echoes here of some of those sophistipop artists- Prefab Sprout, the aforementioned Go-Betweens, The Blue Nile and David Sylvian in particular, Pauls’ voice has similar gravitas to David’s. So yes, they are all bangers, quiet, reflective, delicate bangers but bangers nonetheless.

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