SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Cosmos by My Magical Glowing Lens

“When I woke the pale night lay
Still, expectant of the day;
All about the chamber hung
Tender shade of twilight gloom;
The fair dream hovered round me, clung
To my thought like faint perfume:–
Like sweet odours, such as cling
To the void flask, which erst encloses
Attar of rose; or the pale string
Of amber which has lain with roses.”

The Dream by Amy Levy

We’re big fans of My Magical Glowing Lens here at SWIT HQ.  The band is led by singer/songwriter and chief mystic  Gabriela Deputski with Gil Mello on bass, Henrique Paoli on drums and Pedro Moscardi on synthesizers. “Cosmos” (Honey Bomb Records/PWR Records), their new LP, is what we’re calling a psych-fi (or psychedelic sci-fi), ring-cycle opera.

Thinks: Cosmos = ((Homer’s Odessey * The Left Hand of Darkness) + Forever Changes) / Moon Safari) and you might have some idea – for this is a cosmic trip, a voyage through space, time and consciousness, a dream diary made real, translated into some of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear in this galaxy or the next.  It closes with the breath-taking Madruga, but there isn’t a weak track on here.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Gabriela says, about the influences for the album, “Sweeping passions, dreams about space, crazy friendships, wills of infinity, sinister connection with nature, with machines, with the way of animals,” and also cites Rihanna, The Flaming Lips, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Catavento and Bike e Secos e Molhados amongst others. “A lot of weird stuff influenced this album.” Well, it’s our opinion that My Magical Glowing Lens can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of those artists. Never judge a book by the cover they say but the artwork by Demytrius Meneghetti de Pieri is a brilliant reflection of what’s inside. Open up and take a look.

Photo by Barbara Carnielli & Felipe Amarelo

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