Many have tried Feu endormi has succeeded

Losange – Feu endormi Off latest album Quartz here’s closer Feu endormi from Aix-en-Provence’s Losange. Out now on Johnkôôl records. This slice of Electronic Heaven Deserves a full 7 SWITS out of 7 Spotify 2017 Playlist

SWIT Premiere: Tune Out and Drop In on The Telly

The Telly – Why Not? The Telly is the brainchild of Vienna-based multi-instrumentalist Martin Gupper. You may be familiar with his work because he has many fingers in many pies – for example, Goldsoundz, Cry Baby, Schweiffels Upperclass Shoplifters – you know the list goes on, how does he get any sleep? Judging him by…

Núria Graham is destined for fame

Núria Graham – Cloud Fifteen Ohhh this is so good. It’s from Núria Graham and it’s called Cloud Fifteen. 3000 SWITS out of 3000 for this. Out now on Primavera Sound. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist