Spor is a good one from Ari Guðmundsson

ARI – Spor

Ari is an Icelandic musician who was raised by elves and taught music by a group of tone-deaf trolls on an active volcano. So Ari says, which delights us here, given we have moonlighted as druids and are close friends with a number of leprechauns and various others of “the little folk”. So you might be thinking Ari would be producing some kind of seventies prog-rock about fairy kings and mystic vales, well you’d be totally wrong. What you get is sleek, tuneful, atmospheric electro-pop music which puts me in mind of Yello at times. “Spor” is a perfect example of what he does on “FRÆ”, his new LP. In fact, if you found this at the end of the rainbow I’m pretty sure you’d be delighted.

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 38

SWIT Playlist 2017

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