You can’t beat the 60’s man

Los Alucinantes – 60’s This just explodes from the get go and doesn’t let up. Great track from Mexico’s Los Alucinantes. 2017 Playlist

This May be a huge hit

May Rosa – Dancing In The Debris Love this debut single from May Rosa – Entitled Dancing in the Debris it’s out on September 15th. You know what,I think this could be massive, too big for Super World Indie Tunes perhaps. Then again we discovered Bach,The Beach Boys and Lizette Lizette so we have form….

Super World Interview Time: Jimena Dominguez

We posted the fantastic “Guarani Song” ( it’s like she’s taken a shower of rain and turned it into a song, a dreamlike meditation )by Argentina’s Jimena Dominguez a few weeks back. Here self-titled EP (Polvo Bureau) is equally as good, showing an artist with a love of experimentation, chasing the ghost in the machine….