Super World Indie Tune Of the Day: This song makes me go ape.

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 17.10.2019: Garden Centre – “Naked Ape”.

To be honest the first time I listened to this I thought it was shit or at least some kind of bizarre joke. By the second spin I realised it was actually a work of undignified genius. Ostensibly(?) about waking suddenly from deep sleep to leap into some half-forgotten action “Dig a deep hole to protect the king from unknown assassins” – a perfect evocation of the madness that lurks just beyond a switched-off light. It reminds me of a humid Havana night when I found my friend cowering in a wardrobe, wearing only a facecloth, moaning “I’m disoriented”. Listen to “Naked Ape” and you will be disoriented too, in a most delightful way. Most delightful. It’s oot the noo on Kanine Records.

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