Check out this beauty from Fehler Kuti

So you know when Morr Music get in contact about a new release one has got to sit up and take notice. Thankfully I did just that and was rewarded with the stunning Mayday Mayday by Fehler Kuti – featuring Markus Acher & Tobias Siegert.

For Fehler Kuti “making music is about building coalitions. It’s about suggesting an articulation of styles, sounds and people, that hasn’t materialized, yet, but may help us in the current crisis: I wanted Amon Düül II to send their drug induced archangel thunderbird to rescue the refugees, that had tried to escape the police by climbing up a tree in Munich in 2016. I wanted Sun Ra to taunt far-right politicians in Chemnitz in 2018. And I wanted to mourn the loss of a former kebab shop cum discotheque that served as proof that there is such a thing as a minoritarian universalism.”

Hell yes – any work that has taken inspiration from the Refugee Crisis, Amon Duul II and a Kebab shop has gotta be worth checking out. The debut album Schland Is The Place For Me (which I’ve been playing non-stop the last 2 days) is out on Alien Transistor on 6th December. Best album I’ve heard this year.

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