SWIT’s Week 10092017: The 13 BEST tunes – they’re great and they’re global!

“We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.”

So, my little bitches, come with me into the magical musical workshop we call SWITbizzareland and take three pills from the blue bottle, 2 red pills from the green bottle, 20 millilitres of ccs, mix, ingest and relax. Felling uncomfortable yet? Good, see what weird wonders await from Siriusmo, Antti Kokkomäki & Tammikuun Lapset, Los Alucinantes, May Rosa, Aivery, Rey Mapache, Jetstream Pony, guillaume MARIETTA, Halo Maud, Dutch Party, Michal Gregor, (you’ll burn in) Ahhhel and Gdeto (solo Aneliya of CHKBNS !!!!!!!!

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 36

SWIT Spotify Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

“I thought a lot about what direction the band should take. I make a lot of decisions. But Lali Puna is a band, that’s really important. I did the record with Taison (Christian Heiß, who is already a long time in Lali Puna) and I could never have done it without him. It took quite some time to find a way to work together because I sometimes think we really come from opposite points of view. But in the end, we worked together really well. Together with Caspar (Christoph Brandner, drummer), we are a very good team in Lali Puna.”

Our Long Player Of The Week is Two Windows” by Lali Puna, and we had a chat with Valerie as well. So cool.

I worked on my EP for 4 years. At the beginning, I didn´t know it what was going to be an EP, but I was fooling around a lot on Ableton, recording, without sleep many nights, learning to use the software tools by myself, looking at tutorials and at the same time having fun. Obsession, heartache, some hate and the will to know myself as a solo artist made the songs get their shape.

Our big interview was with the rather wonderful- Jimena Dominquez! She’s not Julia and neither am I.

The gallery was locked up for the summer to avoid letting tourists in but now we’re back for Autumn (my favourite time of year)and we are proud and delighted to present this fantastical self-portrait by Sarah P. Great, ain’t it? We will be publishing our interview with her in the next week or two also. Watch this space as they say.

Speaking of weird trips ….

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