SWIT Premiere: Melody Connor – Lost & Found

Melody Connor is not, as the name might suggest, a coleen from the west coast of Ireland. No, Melody Connor is the nom de guerre of Kevin, from Mainz in Germany. He contacted us last week and said

“I call myself Melody Connor and I write and record music. I thought you guys might want to listen to my EP that’s gonna come out Friday 8/18. I do this all DIY – I’m tired of all the business stuff……. So I really try to sit down and do all on my own without any companies or whatever involved. I also shot a video on my last trip to SXSW. It’s actual 8mm Camera, no stupid filters”

He also said (and I paraphrase to some extent)

“With a love and passion for bristling guitars and reverberated vocals, I’ve recently set out to record a few songs that breathe and sweat the slacker-lifestyle. And with their mileage under the virtual Texan sun, it is hard to tell, that most of them were conceived in the middle of the Swedish nowhere.”

We say this is a wonderful tune, with a sparkling melody, immersed in the finest traditions of American indie pop and if this is representative of what Kevin can do we are really looking forward to hearing some more!

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