The Imp in Zimt falls mainly on the plinth

Zimt – Ideal ist nichts This is the kind of band that tosses aside the ideal, that washes their expensive new vinyl in streams, possibly for clearer sound. The kind of people who look cool and self-conscious and cool at the same time, who smile without smiling while smiling. This is the kind of band…

It’s be a mistake not to listen to U R ERR

Dolorblind – U R ERR From the Delores EP here’s U R ERR from the excellent Dolorblind hailing from New Delhi. Some delicious electronic sounds to be feasted on here. Available now on Bandcamp. SWIT Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

Not just a fad – it’s Belgrad

Belgrad – Schellack und Gewalt This is the superb new single from Belgrad.Schellack und Gewalt kinda reminds me of The Psychedelic Furs. (Speaking of which we here at SWIT support the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC)). Anyway this is fab and the album is out on September 1st on Zeitstrafe 2017 Weekly Playlist Number 34

SWIT’s Week 20082017: The 15 BEST tunes from your premiere music service.

Here’s our 15 top top tunes from around the world, including three (THREE!!) premieres – I’m talkin’ ’bout KO:MI, Woog Riots, A Thousand Hours, Spirit Fest, Melody Connor, J. Vega, Manalishies, Sauropod, Crush, Astralplane, Birdstriking, Telemothervisionfather, Ankur & The Ghalat Family, Sono and Horváth Ádám Márton !!! You can find loads more on our YouTube…