Hope is the dream of those who wake

Hope – Kingdom Dark, industrial and in your face, “Kingdom” is a spoken-word performance-piece by Hope, just out on Haldern Pop Recordings.This is a love song for sleepless haphephobia sufferers. This is brilliant. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 32 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

3 is the magic number: ASFAST w/ SOAP&SKIN x EVELYN PLASCHG

ASFAST w/ SOAP&SKIN x EVELYN PLASCHG Listen to this incredible reworking of ASFAST’s “Drag” from the LP “Peace In Drifts” (Ventil Records). “Drag Shift” is a collaboration with Austrian artists Soap&Skin and Evelyn Plasch. Haunting, ominous and brave, you won’t hear a better or more interesting piece of music today. That’s a SWIT money-back guarantee….