Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: Phantoms vs Fire – Mirage

Phantoms vs Fire – Mirage. Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 20.02.2019.

Alexander from Blackjack Illuminist Records has just been in touch about a Brazilian artist he has signed. The man in question is Thiago C. Desant and he goes by the moniker Phantoms vs Fire. His new LP “WLDLFE” is out on the 1st of March, both digitally and on tape. Alexander describes the music thus – “just gorgeous electronic music full of emotions, warmth…I totally dig the occasional orchestral arrangments, they were reason enough to sign the one-man band to my label. WLDLFE is an album about the beauty of nature and people destroying it, and I think you can somehow feel this when listening to it.”

We are delighted to give you a first listen to the LP in the form of “Mirage”. It’s a really lovely electronic instrumental, with multiple layered keyboard riffs. The music shimmers and shines, the soundtrack to a night-flight along The Amazon perhaps. It reminds me more than anything of Jan Hammer in his heyday.

During the writing process Desant recognized that many tracks started optimistically, then turning into something darker. Eventually, he discovered a leitmotif, the current state of our natural environment and how we treat it — the beauty of nature and the people destroying it.

Think on SWITTERS and go and hug a tree today.

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