Super World Indie Tune Of The Day is by Strength N.I.A – Brendan Bradley

So it’s time for me to step back from SWIT after nearly 4 years! The submissions are coming in thick and fast and I just can’t keep up so I’m afraid I won’t be able to respond to any more of them. Maybe some day that will change. I’ve pretty much loved the whole adventure – starting out with Conor,Claire,Pat and Tom as FEW and then continuing with Tom as SWIT and getting to where we wanted to be – sharing world class world indie music.You’re a very talented bunch out there in SWIT land. From MORR Music to Bedford Falls and Empire Circus to Skizzo Frenetik we tried to cover as much music from as many locations as possible. We had hoped to take it further – do a Podcast and start a label but again we simply hadn’t the time or resources.I’ll continue to keep following and listening to you all and share the odd post on the FB page. Finally thanks for all the likes and support Muriel,Paula,Pat,Jim,Christian,Omar,Alexander,Kelinha,Geoff and Lucia and Patrick Brennan from the fabulous andHow.FM. Lastly – Tom Finnerty – you’re a great writer,a wonderful artist and above all a really funny guy (You know….funny). It seems only fitting that I sign out sharing the last tune submitted to us which happens to be from an Irish band called Strength N.I.A and their new single called Margaret.However seeing as they don’t have it up on any streaming sites yet(!!) I’m gonna share a track from them from last year called Brendan Bradley. It’s just as good as the new single too so please check them out. Bye.

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