Elephants On Tape are under the microscope

Elephants On Tape – “Microscope”

“Microscope” by SWIT favourites ELEPHANTS ON TAPE is the second single from the debut album “Lightweights” (Kick the Flame Publishing) which is released on the 16th of February. It’s another beautiful, finely crafted pop song to follow from their wonderful debut which was a big hit with us last year.

The song is urban and urbane, I hear echoes of seventies Motown and SKA, of rainy city streets at night, of satellites beaming back coded messages of hope across the empty miles. Make no mistake, this is sophisticated, clever, multi-layered music, yet it sounds completely effortless and as light as a feather. The lead vocals by Lisa are sublime and the animated video by Hans Jakob Gohr (Composition & CGI) and Nakama Mara (illustration), echoes, illuminates and amplifies the song.

I’ve had a listen to the LP too and it delivers in spades on the promise of the first two singles, but more of that when it’s released and we will be following up with an interview with the band.

A couple of other things, here’s a clip of the band in action, great innit?

AND they did a sweet, sweet remix (which I just became aware of yesterday) of one of my favourite tunes of the last few years – “Sirens” by the incomparable Ms. John Soda.

I’m expecting these Elephants to make a big noise this year.

YouTube 2018 Playlist

Spotify 2018 Playlist

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