The Ghost Of Helags – Anthem (We Came From The Stars)

The Ghost Of Helags – Anthem (We Came From The Stars)

Anthem starts out as a blissful, twitchfull, symphonic reverie, a prayer written under the open night skies and gradually builds to a euphoric trance, and then trails off into a reverent coda of “you will be mine”. I love the percussion, the strings and the skewed electronics. The vocals are just sweet enough. Lovely. The song is a love letter to Berlin, where a lot of artists, dropouts and ghosts come to search for their Northern star and it’s a catchy as be damned.

The Ghost of Helags are a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, a bit like a sausage wrapped in parma ham. Everything started, apparently, on top of The Mountains of Helags, located on the border between Sweden and Norway, where a paranormal experience led them to start making music. I have myself experienced the paranormal and let me put it this way, it didn’t start me making music, it did start me buying some new underwear in Penneys. Enough (or possibly too much) said.

Soundcloud 2018 Playlist

Spotify 2018 Playlist

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