SWIT loves Kraków Loves Adana

Kraków Loves Adana – American Boy

“American Boy” is the new single from Kraków Loves Adana from upcoming album “Songs After The Blue” on Better Call Rob & Rough Trade (sweeeeet!!). As we’ve come to expect from the duo it’s a stunning tune, possibly their finest to date. It’s ominous, it’s angry, it’s controlled, it’s heartbroken – is there another band anywhere at the moment who make such brilliant, serious pop music? These folks could easily fill our 2017 Top 10 all on their own.

From the band – ‘American Boy’ channels the anger one feels in a world with its recent political developments and the inevitable powerlessness that comes with it. Deniz sez “I was definitely angry when I wrote American Boy. I was angry with the world, I was angry with myself, I was angry about feeling powerless.
I felt like I had no power to right a wrecked system. All this anger turned out to be a strong tool when you dare to act upon it and not on it. It resulted in a creative output, it resulted in American Boy.”

Let’s hope that they take down the orange monster soon, it would be a good start on the road to redemption.

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