The Wood Burning Savages most likely are

The Wood Buring Savages – Living Hell

Is there something in the water in Derry the noo? There are a plethora of great arse-kicking rock and roll tunes emanating from the north-west these days. “Living Hell” is a prime example, it’s a real step up from The Wood Burning Savages, This is monster monster time, urgent, blisteringly angry guitars collide with booming drums, delivering a righteous lecture against the pressures of modern living, innit. Frankly dear SWIT readers, it’s peeling the paint off the bloody wall here. Let’s call it turpentine rock. The video was directed by Dublin filmmaker and shot in an old manor just outside Maynooth (around the corner from me here). I’ve been shot in an old Manor in Maynooth myself, but that’s another story. The band are playing Whelans in Dublin on the 30th, they’re great live so go check them out if you’re around.

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