Beach Girls and the Monster are waving not drowning

Beach Girls and the Monster – Monsterbeach

Hello and welcome to SWIT Theatre Monsterpiece. Today we bring you a deeply disturbing tale of an innocent musician who is accosted by a terrifying beast whilst taking an innocent constitutional on a beach. The beach is somewhere, the monster is somewhere and then they’re both gone, all that remains is the red-tinged surf as the sun slides from the sky, a mute witness, taking a terrible secret with it to it’s watery grave. The moon looks down and laughs. Or look at it another way, “Monsterbeach” by Beach Girls and the Monster is a surfed-up homage to sixties beach rock and it’s carried off with such languid panache that you just have to love it. As they say “Fancy some hang loose vibes, shagadelic rides and deadly tides?” Now there’s nothing Gerry likes more than a shagadelic ride, that is for sure.

Monsterbeach is the oh-so-A A-side of their new 7″ as part of the “CUT SURFACE MINIATURES” series launched to highlight some of their favorite tunes by friends & kindred spirits of the CUT SURFACE universe. Jump in, the water is deadly.

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 47

Spotify playlist

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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