The Lost Words of LA BIEN QUERIDA


7 Días Juntos* is the brilliant new single/video from LA BIEN QUERIDA and JOAN MIQUEL OLIVER, one of my favourite artists at work today, again displaying the ability to effortlessly combine the mainstream and avant garde. Here’s a funny (or not so funny thing) – we had asked Ana for an interview last year when we were called “Few” and we (with a lot of help) had written the questions in Spanish. We switched to “SWIT” last year and I thought I had not received a response. Today, when listening to the new single I searched the old mailbox and lo-and-behold there were the responses from May last year. Well I’m mortified and can only offer my sincere apologies. We’ll publish soon, the great lost interview. I really am a muppet.

*excellent vid directed by Juanma Carrillo

SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 26

SWIT Playlist 2017

SWIT Soundcloud Playlist 2017

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