Amalia Amapola should be bigger than Coco Cola

Amalia Amapola – Energías From Buenos Aires here’s Amalia Amapola and the opening track of their self-titled debut album. This is Energías. Excellent. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist

Echo and the Bunnymen – Royal Albert Hall 18/07/1983

Setlist 01.Going Up 1:07 02.With A Hip 3:12 03.All That Jazz 6:14 04.All My Colours (Zimbo) 9:00 05.Silver 13:23 06.The Cutter 16:36 07.The Killing Moon 20:22 08.Rescue 23:32 09.Never Stop 27:57 10.Over The Wall 32:53 11.Crocodiles 40:29 12.Do It Clean 47:28 Thanks to arquivomusica64 for the upload

Lizette Lizette the more you listen the better it gets

Lizette Lizette – Sober Up We’ve featured Lizette Lizette earlier in the year and here’s another slice of perfect electro pop. Sober Up will be one of my fav tunes of 2017 and also the ambition of all SWIT staff. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist