SWIT’s Long Player Of The Week: Japanese Food by Giovani Cidreira


“Japanese Food” is Giovani Cidreira ‘s debut LP, however he is hardly a novice, he’s been “on the scene” in Salvador, Bahia for over 10 years. We featured his excellent “Vai Chover” a while back, a beautiful laid-back groove, it’s a sweet calling card for the album a whole, which is a triumph.  Giovani  has a real gift for melody and the songs are delivered with  conviction and an air of breezy accomplishment that disguises the craft involved.

While there are obvious references to Milton Nascimento , blending folk, jazz and indie pop into such a coherent work is no mean feat. The clever use of brass is transformative, putting me in mind at times of early Roxy Music. The playing throughout is a delight and the production leaves space for the musicianship to shine bright.

To be honest I’m not fluent in Portugese (to say ther least) but the lyrics deal with “with diverse themes, from the emptiness of our lives to the complexity of living in cities in our times.” – from an interview with Giovani in Scream & Yell. The fact that it still makes such an impression tells it’s own story.

The album is released on Balaclava Records in collaboration with Natura Musical and is available as a free download on Giovani’s website.

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