Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: No short circuits from Oslo Oscillator

Oslo Oscillator Newlands – Super World Indie Tune Of The Day. 7.12.2018

We featured “Nothing To Lose” by Oslo Oscillator in September last year, it was the lead track from their debut LP, “City Nomads” (Perfect Pop Records), and now that LP is here. We are featuring the second track “Newlands” as our tune of the day. It’s a really seductive melody, seeped in sunlight and nostalgia. Replete with jangling guitars and beautiful warm production, its a really lovely thing.

I’ve not had time yet to give the LP an in-depth listen but my first impressions are extremely positive. About the LP the band say

“Thematically, the album is focused on more distant locations, with Southern Africa representing a seemingly undrainable reservoir of nostalgia and inspiration for songwriter, vocalist and chief nomad Kåre Eriksen. On City Nomads Eriksen oscillates between past and present, Cape Town and Oslo, faith and faithlessness, lamenting a time lost. The result is hauntingly nostalgic, recognizable and a thing of beauty.”

Listen below –

Spotify Best of 2018

YouTube Best of 2018

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