I see dead people: Clémentine March & Blue House

Summer Clouds / A Ticket For the London Necropolis Railway – Clémentine March & Blue House

SWIT favourite Clémentine March has teamed up with Blue House to produce a double A-side of rare excellence. Dreamy insouciance is the order of the day, evoking London fields on hot summer weekends, rattling suburban trains and that giddy feeling you get when you’ve drunk maybe a little too much white wine.

“A Ticket For The London Necropolis Railway” is the quintessential sugar-coated pill, a sweet, breezy melody wrapped around the rather morbid tale of a dedicated train packed with dead people and their mourners. Their destination: the cemetery. Read more about this “stranger than fiction” story here.

Clémentine composed Summer Clouds with the Argentinian poet Javier Leibiusky, the song was influenced by Chico Buarque’s melodic and harmonic writing while reminiscing about her teenage love for the Beatles. Beats the hell out of Cliff Richard. Chico would be impressed I’m sure. We certainly are.

Clémentine is on tour with Blue House – details below but she’s mainly playing bars I used to drink in (and yes, I also lived in Leith).

YouTube 2018 Playlist

Spotify 2018 Playlist

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