The Week 12032017: The 14 best tracks from the last 7 days.

The funny thing is I like to wax lyrical and the more I feel the need the less time, – so really let’s go with these – there are some quite brilliant tunes here,some quite brilliant music that doesn’t necessarily have a tune and just some brilliance – Why Elephant, Marta Rosa, Half Japanese, Pip Hall,…

Never forget Why Elephant

Why Elephant – Slipping Here’s another tune “Slipping” from Why Elephant’s fortcoming EP “Unknown Man On The Moon” (March 24th, My Dear Recordings). I love this, it’s earworm central, sonically adventerous and beautfully produced. Check it out! SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 10 SWIT Playlist 2017

The Week 09102016

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, I’ve been around the world and I I I, I can’t find my baby but I can find the best new global indie – yes we’re talking Wood Burning Savages, Why Elephant, The Monkberry Moon Orchestra, Lauren Stuart, Mi Nave, Irah, Blind Digital Citizen, Atrás Hay Truenos, My Thinking Face,…

Interview with Pamela Hute

Pamela Hute, from Paris, released her first LP “Turtles Tales From Overseas” in May 2010 to critical acclaim. She followed this by playing some of the best venues in France – Olympia, Bataclan, Printemps de Bourges festival and so on, building her audience all the time. Her second album “Bandit” appeared in in March 2013….

SWIT SWEMIERE – That’s Why Elephant’s Premiere of Fill My Time

Hello there – we are super delighted to be first to let you listen to the debut single by Why Elephant. Founded in 2014 by singer-songwriter Melody Linhart and guitarist-producer Julien Le Nagard, Why Elephant work in the great British pop tradition. Fill My Time showcases their ear for melody and great guitar riffs. Inspired…