Super World Indie Tune Of The Day:Orhan Özgür Turan – Kuzey

Simply astonishing 3 minutes and 57 seconds of pure musical bliss from Orhan Özgür Turan entitled Kuzey….”which in Turkish means North and refers to Orhan’s habitat and the inspiration he has derived from the characteristic northern sound. Kuzey is a composition with several elements of, more or less, elemental nature. Folk music from Anatolia is…

SWIT Sounds Abound #2

Greetings from a very sunny Dublin! Here's our second SWIT Sounds Abound of 2018, a round-up of the best songs from our myriad subscriptions. 10 great tunes for all you loons. Everything added to our Best of 2018 lists as well. Scorchio. New Silver Girl – Phantom Ride (Soliti) Here is Helsinki’s New Silver Girl’s…

Tünay Akdeniz

Tünay Akdeniz ve Grup Çığrışım – Salak We received this in from Ironhand records “Ironhand Records is proud to present one of the greatest legends of Turkish rock music: Tünay Akdeniz was quite a figure in 70’s music scene in Turkey with mocking lyrics, punk-rock image and bad boy attitude. He had once used giblets…

The Doll’s Housing Crash

Housing Crash – Creeper This is “Creeper” by Istanbul-based Housing Crash. Starting off sounding like a love song, it quickly becomes clear it’s something altogether more sinister – as the band say the song is aimed at “those who confuse love with control”. The very clever video by Ayşe Naz Baykal illustrates the message beautifully….

You should choosey Jakuzi

Jakuzi – Geriye Dönemiyor 2nd outing on SWIT here’s the wonderful Jakuzi and a track taken from the album “Fantezi Müzik” out March 24th via City Slang. Superb!