Blacanova – Una Mujer Venezolana From forthcoming album “La Cabeza” due out in September here’s the first release from it – Una Mujer Venezolana. This just has the most beautiful feel to it. Lovely sounds from Seville courtesy of Blacanova and out via the always dependable El Genio Equivocado. Weekly YouTube Playlist 2017 Playlist

Intersigno and leave impressed

Intersigno – My Cage From Barcelona here’s Intersigno aka Jose Enterrado and his latest single My Cage – taster for forthcoming album Raw Pop. Superb electro pop with a sprinkling of darkness. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist

Super World Interview Time: Lia Pamina

We got to hear Lia for the first time after speaking to Joe Moore of The Yearning and The Perfect Kiss. He had written and produced the majority of Lia’s 2016 tour de force “Love Is Enough” on the inimitable Elefant Records. Listen and you will immediately understand why Lia names people like Astrud Gilberto,…

The 8-track in my cortina is playing Lia Pamina

Lia Pamina – Sycamore Tree A few weeks ago Lia was Better Off Without Us and now she wants to take us down to the Sycamore Tree, well frankly it’s her prerogative to change her mind. It’s another beguiling, summershining slice of ice pop confection perfection. Let’s go in that direction, to the sycamore tree….

LINDA GUILALA is better than a koala

LINDA GUILALA – La Última Vez (1ª Recidiva) This is La Última Vez (1ª Recidiva) by SWIT regular LINDA GUILALA from one of our very favourite recent LPs Psiconáutica on Elefant Records. It’s another perfectly delicious slice of dreamy scf-fi shoegaze and I really can’t recommend the album enough. The artwork is amazing too. This…

Have Últim Cavall will travel

We love it here at SWIT when bands get in touch and that’s exactly what Últim Cavall from Spain did. Off latest album – Records De Kyoto – here’s album opener Desig. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017 Playlist

There’s nothing old hat about Lia Pamina

Lia Pamina – Better Off Without You What’s not to like about his? Wonderful, wonderful melody, quite amazing vocal and a mood to cherish. This is the new video by Lia Pamina for “Better Off Without You” from the LP “Love Is Enough” (Elefant Records). “Lia Pamina’s voice and Joe Moore’s songs seem like they…

They stole my pasties – they call them Los Nastys

Los Nastys – No Hay Amor En Las Calles (No Love On The Streets) Evil bastards. Filthy fuckers. Call them what you like, there’s no question that Los Nastys will live down to your expectations. This is No Hay Amor En Las Calles (There’s no love in the streets) on Nacional Records. There’s no love…

We take some instruction from Pablo Und Destruktion

Pablo Und Destruktion – Herejes (Predación 2107) “Herejes” (Heretic) is the second single from Pablo Und Destruktion’s new LP “Predación” which will be out next month on Sonido Muchacho. It’s an epic ballad, not a spagetti western as such but maybe the Spanish equivalent (a paella western?), to these ears anyway. Love the tune, the…

Ich bin ein Berlina

Berlina – Desértico Latest single from Berlina and the title track from their excellent album released last year, here’s Desértico. Class video produced by La Niebla Films. Enjoy Sound and Vision here. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist

Supr World Interview Time: Eva from Linda Guilala

We’ve posted a number of excellent tunes from Linda Guilala over the past year or so. The band, hailing from Vigo, Galicia, consists of Eva, Ivan and Mari. Besides music, they are big fans of sci-fi, especially films from the 60’s and 70’s, taking their  name from a Japanese sci-fi monster. Their latest album, Psiconáutica,…

Murciano Totally brilliant

Murciano Total – Cencia 1 (Incertidumbre / No Sabes Nada Sobre Mí) We featured Murciano Total back in July last year , here they are again with another brilliant song and thought-provoking video. The tune “Cencia 1 (Incertidumbre / No Sabes Nada Sobre Mí)” (on El Genio Equivocado) translates as “Murciano Total – Cencia 1…