February Fried

Spring Snow [excerpt] by William Matthews And here comes snow, a language in which no word is ever repeated, love is impossible, and remorse. . . . Yet childhood doesn’t end, but accumulates, each memory knit to the next, and the fields become one field. If to die is to lose all detail, then death…

Sophie So Far So Good

Sophie Lillienne – Demons Featured previously on SWIT here’s another excellent release from the multi-talented VeZzO aka Sophie Lillienne. One of my favourite electronic artists at the mo. This is Demons. Out now on IRMA Records.

The Week 12022017: In space nobody hears you SWIT

If you’ve ever been to Dublin you know it’s a dark place at the best of times. It’s wet, it’s never stops being wet, the Liffey is just another shower in between the rain. People are addicted to drink, to drugs, to life, to death, the collective memory is laced with psychosis. Nobody trusts the…

Sophie So Good

Sophie Lillienne – Apnoea Sophie Lillienne is a trip-hop/electro-alternative project created by VeZzO, singer, musician and producer from Italy. Here’s the title track from the new ep Apnoea out now on IRMA Records. I could spend days lost in this music. Excellent.