Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: I want to ride my bicycle

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 20.09.2019: Sexy Bicycle – “Angela”. And a seam, a theme that coincidentally runs through the tracks this week continues – we leave behind massive organs, huge bongos and take a ride on a Sexy Bicycle. “Angela” is a wondrously dark, inventive, multi-layered piece of faux-gothic electronica. It’s obsession,…

Nothing flat about Sexy Bicycle

Sexy Bicycle – Computer Virus Sexy Bicycle got in touch to tell us about his new album Ellipsis. Here’s Computer Virus off it.That break at 1 minute 20 seconds is class. Superb track. I’m going to really enjoy exploring all his other music. (I own a sexy bicycle btw.I’ll post a pic if you like)