SWIT’s Week 15102017: The best songs by the greatest people. SUPER.

Psssst, over here. Yeah you. Interested in some high-grade SWIT? I’ve got everything you need, uppers, downers, inners, outers, ludes, dudes, moods and froods (froods?) I’m talkin’ Gdeto, Principe Valiente ,Patrick the Pan, Ora Cogan, David Harks, The Barbiturates, RØKR , De Lux, Skizzo Frenetik, Just Another Snake Cult, Wy, Ravanae & Lester JaMarcus!!! SWIT…

We will,we will RØKR

RØKR – You Wake I like this. It’s from RØKR. It’s out on Balaclava Records. Thank you. Weekly Playlist