Never A Trophy, Just A Steal Stephanie Müller’s Sewicide has mass appeal

Stephanie Müller (beißpony,Alligator Gozaimasu) has just got in touch to introduce her new solo project – Sewicide. She describes it as an open platform for various kinds of collaborations. Sewicide was started in 2018 and is based at the MEDIENDIENST LEISTUNGSHÖLLE (Munich, Germany) Instruments unsurprisingly(!?) include a musical sewing machine and a lawnmower bass harp….

SWIT’s Best of 2016 – Chapter 7

Gin Ga – 1ON1 (Monkey) Quilt – Roller (Kemado Records) TW Walsh – Fundamental Ground (Graveface Records & Curiosities) His Clancyness – Isolation Culture (Maple Death Records) Wireheads – Arrive Alive (Tenth Court) Vessel – Viels of Wine (DME) Near Myth – Hunter Gatherer Lydia Képinski – Apprendre à mentir Buslav – Lazarus Cave (Warner Music…