Best of 2017 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of my end of year best of features the following fab acts… Skizzo Frenetik – Walk! Walk! Taffy – Runicwade – Club AC30 R.Missing -Depper Holes – Talitres Ross McLennan – Feed on Radiant Sound – Mistletone Thea & The Wild – Paved the Way – Propellar Recordings Lizette Lizette – Sober Up…

Norway should you ignore this track – It’s Thea & The Wild

Thea & The Wild – Paved The Way Genius electro pop from Thea & The Wild. Love this esp. the semi industrial soundscapes going on in the background. Very clever.It’s the work of the very talented Thea Glenton Raknes and it’s out now on Propeller Recordings. Have a nice day everyone! Soundcloud 2017 2017 Spotify

Norway should you ignore this from Sauropod

Sauropod – By The Tree 2 minutes and 50 seconds of pure class from Oslo’s Sauropod.This is By The Tree and it’s excellent guys. Out now on Propeller Recordings. Here’s a live version of the tune in Rohdos Garage. Thanks to Livingroom Gear Demos for the upload. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017