An orchestra is for life, not just for Christmas: Einar Stray Orchestra

A cent for your thoughts doesn’t have quite the same ring – here’s the really beautiful new single – “Penny For Your Thoughts” – by Einar Stray Orchestra, from the upcoming album “Dear Bigotry” which is out on Sinnbus in the new year. And it’s officially ok to post Christmas tunes now so you can…

Here Be Monster(hit)s :Interview with Ole of The Loch Ness Mouse

The Loch Ness Mouse were formed in Oslo in 1992 by brothers Ole Johannes Åleskjær and Jørn Oddvar Åleskjær. The band’s current line-up is Ole,Jørn, Christina Høgetveit, Ådne Hovda, Ingar Sandvær, Kristoffer Solvang and Svein Bergsaune. We featured the band’s single “Bamboo (Love Is Not Cool)” a few weeks ago and in the process discovered…

The Loch Ness Mouse

The Loch Ness Mouse – Bamboo (Love Is Not Cool) & The Cherry Blossom In Japan

Interview with Unn from Tusen Takk

We featured Tusen Takk back in May 2016. They released their rather wonderful first EP “Lakrisbåter” (liquorice) in the same month. These are damn catchy tunes! We caught up with the articulate and arresting Unn from the band and she very kindly answered some questioned for us 🙂 Check them out , you’ll no regret…

Interfew with: Musique Le Pop

We featured the excellent Musique Le Pop earlier in the year in our roundup of current Norwegian music. We caught up with the band to find out a little more about their music and influences.