Super World Interview Time: We Comprehend The Other End

The Other End, from Bergen, Norway, is Ida Knoph-Solholm (Vocals, Guitar, Bass) and Alexander Breidvik (Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drum, Vocals). They’ve just released their self-titled debut EP and it’s quite something, we described the songs as brooding, lovelorn hymns to separation and loss. The sadly sweet melodies are adorned by Ida astonishing voice and it…

Baia Wolf are a howl

Baia Wolf – I Hate Girls/Boys This is “I Hate Girls/Boys” from Baia Wolf, a new band from the beautiful Norwegian city of Bergen. The members are Vidar Melby on vocals and guitar, Jørgen Haugland on bass, and Thea Hernæs on drums. This song is brilliant – a joyful, humorous and raucous “love letter to…

The Ghost Of Helags – Anthem (We Came From The Stars)

The Ghost Of Helags – Anthem (We Came From The Stars) Anthem starts out as a blissful, twitchfull, symphonic reverie, a prayer written under the open night skies and gradually builds to a euphoric trance, and then trails off into a reverent coda of “you will be mine”. I love the percussion, the strings and…

In some ways a beginning is just The Other End

The Other End – Far From Home As debuts go this is pretty special. As new songs go, this is pretty special. We love it here at SWIT when we get in on the ground floor (so to speak) with a new band. This elevator is definitely going through the glass ceiling. “Far From Home”…

I Bech you this do well for him

Nils Bech – Apart Stunning single from Norway’s Nils Bech. Apart is about the realisation that the partner who stays with you no longer loves you. Ouch. The tune is magnificent. Out now on DFA Records 2017 Playlist

S L Y C are our consonant companions

I had a dream last night, Sandy Denny got stuck in an elevator with Ralf Hütter on the 32nd floor of The Empire State Building. They’d never met before, but one look in each other’s eyes and they knew. Two hours later, freed by NYC’s finest, they emerged with “We move to make new words”….

Norway should you ignore this track – It’s Thea & The Wild

Thea & The Wild – Paved The Way Genius electro pop from Thea & The Wild. Love this esp. the semi industrial soundscapes going on in the background. Very clever.It’s the work of the very talented Thea Glenton Raknes and it’s out now on Propeller Recordings. Have a nice day everyone! Soundcloud 2017 2017 Spotify

Warsaw’ll this I’m hearing about Antipole?

Antipole – Shadow Lover From forthcoming debut album Northern Flux here’s Shadow Lover from Trondheim’s finest Antipole. This is an excellent slice of indie goth pop.Class bassline and continuous guitar riffing. Out now on Unknown Pleasure Records. Looking forward to the LP.

We’ve Nothing To Lose sharing this

Oslo Oscillator – Nothing To Lose 2nd tune today from Oslo. Norway could I ignore this one. It’s a stunning track from Oslo Oscillator. Nothing To Lose is the 1st track off an upcoming album. How good is this friends? (Here’s a Hint – Very). Thanks to Ole for the heads up. Out now on…

If it wasn’t for Clouds we’d have a wonderful Oceanview, hold on

Clouds – Oceanview Clouds return to SWIT again but no need to put on your rainproofs and wellies, it’s the group from Oslo I’m talking about. Here’s the highly infectious Oceanview. We asked the guys to comment on the track “It is a song that we hope will get people to dance in their underwear…

Norway should you ignore this from Sauropod

Sauropod – By The Tree 2 minutes and 50 seconds of pure class from Oslo’s Sauropod.This is By The Tree and it’s excellent guys. Out now on Propeller Recordings. Here’s a live version of the tune in Rohdos Garage. Thanks to Livingroom Gear Demos for the upload. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017