Thankfully Kane Strang’s tunes aren’t extinct

Kane Strang – My Smile Is Extinct Just discovered Kane Strang listening to the essential Hailing from Dunedin (which has to be a good thing) this is an excellent record.New album – Two Hearts and No Brain – out June 30th on Dead Oceans – looking forward to that, Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist

Respect where Retrospects due.

Retrospect – Unwind Off forthcoming debut EP “In Case You Didn’t Know…” due out on the 18th of March here’s the excellent Unwind. Super stuff from New Zealand’s Retrospect.

If it ain’t B O K E H don’t fix it

B O K E H – I Know You Know “I Know You Know” (Gloomstone Records) is the brilliant, atmospheric new single from B O K E H, but you probably knew that already. I know you knew I was going to say that. B O K E H is the alias of Berlin-based actress/musician,…

Interfew with: The Chills

We’ve featured the legendary The Chills a few times already on a couple of classic tracks and also the coveted New Tune of the Day back in October New Tune of the Day.. The Chills – Warm Waveform We’re delighted that Martin from the band took time out to answer a few questions for us….

Aotearoa: 13 great artists from New Zealand

Few asked their friends in for some recommendations of bands from New Zealand. Patrick introduced us to Jaki and Jaki came up with the following list spanning various genres and decades.Thanks Patrick and Thanks Jaki. Jaki also produces and presents her own show Jaki’s Playhouse – Kiwi which is solely dedicated to Kiwi Rock….

andHow.FM (107.5 FM) | Got indie?

SWIT loves listening to the radio and this is our favourite radio station. It’s andHow.FM (107.5 FM) | Got indie? from Porirua, New Zealand. In their own words “No commercials, no logons, no fees, no subscriptions. Just simply some of the best, cutting-edge, indie & retro rock music radio on the planet. 24 hours a day. Everyday.”…