Oh Me,Omar what a wonderful track

Omar Badillo (Feat Bratty) – Fade Or is it the other way round (Bratty Featuring Omar Badillo??) – either way this track came into us via the SSSH! submission portal and it’s absolutely fabulous. I could see this being picked up as the theme to some TV show or something (I want a percentage if…

Selma, Ella and that fella told me they dig Ave Delta

Ave Delta – Un Nuevo Día We said last year we were looking forward to hearing more from Mexico’s Ave Delta. Well, the future is now because here’s new single “Un Nuevo Día” and it’s pretty damn fine. It’s the second cut from their forthcoming EP “Ayer Fue Un Sueño”. The intro is class, just…


Run Golden Boys – Aurum From their Bandcamp page “Mexican post-rock band Run Golden Boys have been given songs from other artists around the world and put together this compliation where all the money you give will go to earthquake victims in Mexico. So, come on post-rock lovers, let’s support this great initiative! 35 tracks,…

You can’t beat the 60’s man

Los Alucinantes – 60’s This just explodes from the get go and doesn’t let up. Great track from Mexico’s Los Alucinantes. 2017 Playlist

Ahhhel Tom forgot to turn off the immersion.

Ahhhel – Cosas Off latest record HHH here’s the very tune that will get us all through the day and it’s courtesy of Ahhhel from Puebla,Mexico. Love it guys. – a statement (and a potential order)

Mexican (new) Wave

De Osos – Leve Distorsión en el Aire Stunning new single from Mexico’s De Osos. If you’re looking for a reference point – I’d say in the same sphere as Max Richter. It’s a stunning piece of music. Need to check these guys out more Spotify 2017

Acid Waves turn to raves

Acid Waves – Inferno Club Fast becoming one of SWIT’s house bands here’s another track from Mexico’s finest Acid Waves. They just so know how to write great tunes and up the ante once again with this wonderful guitar`dance crossover. If that’s not enough they completely ace the fade in/out at the end too. Love…

It’s your loss if you don’t check out LAGLØS

LAGLØS – Le Petite Mort We love it here at SWIT when artists get in touch and that’s just what LAGLØS from Mexico did. He shared his latest Beattape collection – Cosmic Natives – and this is the opening track from it entitled Le Petite Mort. Could listen to this all day – in fact…


It’s the return of the Mexican DIY marauders. We’re delighted to premiere the excellent new single called “Addictive” from Mérida’s Acid Waves. It’s the first release off LP”Drive Me Dirty” which will be released this year. All their trademark components are here – amazing musicianship, superb vocals, wonderful production and more hooks in this one…

Borchi – 9551 = Brilliance

Borchi y Su Doble Redoble – 9551 Great tunes from Mexico’s Borchi y Su Doble Redouble Here’s 9551 from their latest ep. Love it.

Paul y Carlos’s Wall of Sound

Paul y Carlos – Chepe We featured the wonderful Chihuahua 2000 last August from Mexico’s Paul y Carlos and now off new album Chiquititos – here’s the opening track Chepe. I’m a big fan of these guys. Think you might like them too.