The MOW the merrier

This is the really beautiful debut single “Grasiah” from Madrid’s MOW (Gabriela Casero). Can’t wait to hear MOW from her in 2017. MOW¬† -geddit? Oh.

Violent Femmes – La Edad de Oro – Madrid April 2, 1985

Set list. Blister in The Sun Promise Country Dead Song Prove My Love Never Tell Old Mother Reagan Gimme the Car Add It Up Kiss Off Hallowed Ground I Hear the Rain Jesus Walking on the Water Gone Daddy Gone Confessions Old Mother Reagan To the Kill Ugly Faith

The Smiths- Madrid, Spain -1985

Set list. Intro: Prokofiev – Romeo and Juliet William, It Was Really Nothing 1:47 Nowhere Fast 4:00 I Want The One I Can’t Have 6:49 What She Said 10:20 How Soon Is Now 13:35 Handsome Devil 19:24 That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore 22:22 Shakespeare’s Sister 26:35 Rusholme Ruffians 29:08 The Headmaster Ritual 33:39 Hand In…