SWIT’s Week 01102017: The 15 hottest numbers we heard

It was total tune blowout at SWIT Towers this week, where the music never stops (we lost the remote control). Gerry has been dancing his ass off (not an easy task)to these little beauties from Om Wahs, Mu, POSTMAN, Living Hour, EAST OF MY YOUTH, A CASA, Losange, Núria Graham, Imp of Perverse, Tuath, Isatou,…

Many have tried Feu endormi has succeeded

Losange – Feu endormi Off latest album Quartz here’s closer Feu endormi from Aix-en-Provence’s Losange. Out now on Johnkôôl records. This slice of Electronic Heaven Deserves a full 7 SWITS out of 7 Spotify 2017 Playlist