Polartropica – No-one can copy ya

Polartropica – Olympia Latest single from Polartropica called Olympia. Everything they release just makes me really happy. I bet if they released some doom metal it would make me really happy. Thankfully they haven’t. Another excellent pop single out now on Lolipop Records. Why aren’t they huge yet? Weekly Playlist Spotify Playlist

Hop aboard The Dream Ride

The Dream Ride – Night (Soaring Through The Shadows) 1st single from Los Angeles Electro-Magnetic Dream-Disco outfit The Dream Ride. Here’s Night and it’s great folks.Out now on Lolipop Records.

SWIT’s Best of 2016: Chapter 8

DTCV – Histoire seule (Xemu Records, Burger Records, La Souterraine, Lolipop Records) The Loch Ness Mouse, Bamboo (P-VINE, Inc.) Joasihno, Nuh Nuh (alien transistor) Andrea Schroeder, Little Girl (Glitterhouse Records) Sara Parkman – Fält (Hybris Rec) you + your d.metal friend, sonnier 6 (alien transistor) The Holy, Ramses The Evil Brother (Soliti Music) Ex-Otago, Cinghiali…

Interfew with: Polartropica

We featured Polartropica’s wonderful “Light Up The Sky” recently as one of our tunes of the day – it’s a great pop song with a really eye-catching video. We caught up with lead singer and driving-force of the band ,   Ihui Cherise Wu, to find out about some more about her music and her…

Interfew with: DTCV

DTCV is the project. The project of Lola G. (French musician)  and novelist, screenwriter and guitarist (James Greer). They’ve been on the go since 2013 as we say here. They’re quite funny and very serious and they live in the desert. They write brilliant pop songs. Their new album is called Confusion Moderne and it’s class. Read…