The Week 12022017: In space nobody hears you SWIT

If you’ve ever been to Dublin you know it’s a dark place at the best of times. It’s wet, it’s never stops being wet, the Liffey is just another shower in between the rain. People are addicted to drink, to drugs, to life, to death, the collective memory is laced with psychosis. Nobody trusts the…

Les Sueques take their melon head on tour

We stay in Barcelona for our second tune today – here’s “Res”, the rollicking, jangling, happy, sardonic, class new tune by Les Sueques on El Genio Equivocado. Hey, check out their brilliant video too – it’s a blast and just soooooo charming. Love it. SWIT YouTube Playlist Week 6 SWIT Playlist 2017 SWIT Playlist 2016