SWIT Sounds Abound #9

The music keeps coming faster than I can bat it away, so without further ado here’s a lot of great tracks that we’ve been listening to in July, now we’re off to try and catch up with August. Please do enjoy! Puzzle Muteson – Silver Swan (Bedroom Community) ‘Silver Swan’ taken from Puzzle Muteson’s new…

SWIT Sounds Abound #7

Here we go, ten more super world indie tunes that tickled our fancy (is that still legal?) this week. Enjoy! The Innocence Mission -Look Out From Your Window (Bella Union) I’ve got a confession to make, I had never heard of The Innocence Mission until a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled across “Happy…

SWIT Premiere – Kudos to Tori Kudo

Tori Kudo – Wings Of The Dawn Hello 2018, we’re back. Ignoring the arbitrary time measure imposed upon us, it cannot be denied that we’ve been eating a lot of cheese and generally lying on the floor after too much booze. But now, SWIT is turning over a new leaf. So it’s more than apropos…


Xoltev – Kkus Superb pop from Japan’s Xoltev

Super World Interview Time: Markus Acher on Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest is an avant-pop supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo Tenniscoats. Featuring members of Notwist, Jam Money and Joasihno, their beautiful self-titled debut LP has just been released. In Winter 2016 long-time fan, Markus Acher (Notwist) jumped at the chance to invite Tenniscoats to a small apartment studio, together with Mat Fowler (Jam Money)…

Don’t be a meanie listen to Yoshimi.

Yoshimi – Floating World Opening track from his latest album Atavism, here’s Yoshimi and Floating World. Stunning electronica. Out now on Dream Catalogue. Dedicated to all the picnicers and all the SWITnicers. Spotify 2017    

Move aside Emerson, Lake & Palmer, here comes Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest – Hitori Matsuri Spirit Fest is that rarest of things, a super group you actually want to listen to, an equation where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. ‘Spirit Fest’ is made up of Japanese duo Tenniscoats with Markus Acher (Notwist), Mat Fowler (Jam Money) and Cico Beck (Aloa…

Better than O K-MASERA

K-MASERA – TECHNO-POP 39 This is the most perfect slice of Technopop you will hear all year. It’s by Tokyo’s K-MASERA. I adore it. Spotify 2017 Playlist

Super World Interview Time: MimiCof

Kyoto-born, Berlin-based MimiCof, who’s also been releasing music under her name Midori Hirano since 2006, has a new album – “Moon Synch” – out on Alien Transistor and it takes her in a different direction (see below). We absolutely love the record and we were delighted when she did this interview for us in May….

ytatsl folks

ytatsl – Closer — The Part Of You Opening track from the excellent Closer EP just released on Future Disorder records. This is simply a wonderful piece of music from Japan. Tell me I’m wrong.

Check out Mono in Stereo

CroissantChicago – ヤドリギ From new album Mono here’s the opening track ヤドリギ from Tokyo’s CroissantChicago. This is why we go looking for Super World Indie Tunes.Stunning. Weekly YouTube Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist