The Week 23102016: Stand back, you fools!

Hi, welcome to SWIT’s Week, let’s kick off with some of the best indie music from around the globe – here’s His Clancyness, Leaves,  Winter Waves,  Pavo  Pavo, Black Palms  Orchestra,  Quentin, Buzz Kull, Slow Pulp, Coris, Hibernales, The Minders,  Powernerd, Onwe, Salmerón and Sarah  Ferri. Superb! A criminally great live show came from Interpol….

Interpol Live at Underground, Cologne (2003)

Setlist Untitled (00:13) Say Hello to the Angels (04:08) Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down (08:37) Leif Erikson (15:10) Roland (19:08) The New (22:56) PDA (28:54) Hands Away (34:22) NYC (37:41) Obstacle 1 (42:09) Specialist (46:39) Obstacle 2 (53:22

Interfew with: Helluvah

Helluvah is, for all intents and purposes, Camille Warmé. She was born in 1982 in Paris and pursued a degree in English and journalism prior to forming her first band, Fog, in 1999 in Nice. Returning to Paris, she recorded a first demo, “Lost in progress” at the end of 2005, followed by a first…