SWIT Sounds Abound #5

Good afternoon! I could be watching Morocco v Iran or listening to these ten terrific tunes – well no competition, music wins every time. Today we visit Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Austria, Catalonia, Finland, Spain, France and Sweden! Class – enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend y’all. Peonies – Haliho (Nanaba Records) SWIT favs…

SWIT Sounds Abound #3

Gerry’s bonged off to Barcelona for the weekend to that Primavera Sound thing and I’ve been left here sniffing my own roses. Frankly, it’s how I like it, nobody saying “put the wine away”, “put the whiskey away”, “put the crack away”, put the….you get the picture. So I can honestly say I’ve been trying…

SWIT Sounds Abound #1

What with the number of submissions we’ve been getting via SSSH! we’ve been neglecting our other subscriptions to some extent so we are introducing an irregular new feature called “SWIT Sounds Abound” to bring you even more great Super World Indie Tunes. All the songs have been added to our Spotify and YouTube best of…

Indienesia Calling

Here’s Since Tomorrow by Polyester Embassy from Bandung, Indonesia. This is off their latest EP Since Tomorrow and it’s out via Vanilla Thunder Records. Sparkling Indie Pop. Weekly YouTube Playlist Spotify 2017

She sells seashells by the Seahoarse

Seahoarse – Apprentice Seahoarse are hailing us from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their new single “Apprentice” is a Merlin-inducing, janglingly catchy indie love song and it’s a real beauty, once it catches you it ain’t gonna let go. The sun is shining, I’m sloping around town and this is chiming. Perfect soundtrack. Seahoarse’s debut LP is “Magical…

Wham Bam Thank You Gang

Grill Gang – Bathroom and Thrills 2 amazing tracks from Jakarta’s Grrrl Gang. Here’s Bathroom and Thrills of their latest 7 inch Stop This Madness. Out now on Kolibri Rekords.

We’ve been waiting a sentry for Roman Foot Soldiers

Roman Foot Soldiers – Faith Jakarta’s Roman Foot Soldiers formed in 2005,released an ep and a single and disappeared…. until now! where they’ve unleashed the fantastic single Faith as a taster to their forthcoming new album. Simply irresistible.

Peonies Live 2016

Peonies Live 2016 SWITTLE presents Peonies live this week. Here’s 3 tracks recorded last year. Whispering (one of my favourite singles of 2016) Truth and Falling. Whispering Truth Falling Thoroughly recommend their album Landscape released last summer too