You can’t beat the 60’s man

Los Alucinantes – 60’s This just explodes from the get go and doesn’t let up. Great track from Mexico’s Los Alucinantes. 2017 Playlist

Back to the Futuro

Vaya Futuro – Tips Para Ir De Viaje Fan of this from Tijuana's finest Vaya Futuro. Here's Tips Para Ir De Viaje. What's not to like amigos? Weekly Playlist 2017 Spotify

I think you should go and get a Garbo ep

Garbo – Cerejeira Okay first I was going to post 22, then Anjo Querubim and now I’ve settled on Cerejeira from Brasilian artist Garbo’s latest ep Cristal. This is a phenomenal record that I can’t recommend highly enough. (Tom this is a definite candidate for record to the week,so have a listen). I adore the…

Hear this fast from Contraste

Contraste – Un Mundo Nuevo Liking this single by┬áContraste from Argentina. It’s off their latest EP – El Mundo es un Rato. I also highly recommend Salgamos off the same record – the instrumental break at the end is amazing.