Super World Interview Time: Örvar Smárason hits another home run.

Örvar Smárason’s debut solo LP “Light Is Liquid” (Morr Music) is something special indeed, but that is hardly surprising, given he has been a central figure of the Icelandic music scene for more than 20 years. Probably best known as a founding member of the legendary múm, he has been involved in many other bands…

Sin Fang talks about Team Dreams

Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason (of múm) embarked on a project in 2017 to release a track a month for the year. Now, just released on Morr Music, the 12 tracks have formed the LP “Team Dreams”. It combines the individual strengths of the three acclaimed musicians, blending folk sensibilities with futuristic pop beats….

Just Another Snake Cult are having a hissy fit

Just Another Snake Cult – Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key The band does say “Here’s a music video from a couple years ago that was never released.” Well, never say never because it’s been released now, and isn’t is simply smashing? I have to be honest, I hadn’t heard ” Way Over Yonder…

I tell the truth this is super from East of My Youth

East of My Youth – Broken Glass Pop perfection achieved here in a refreshingly understated way. Know what I mean? Neither do I – but I know what I want to say. This is just fantastic.It’s called Broken Glass and it’s by Iceland’s East of My Youth. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2017

Spor is a good one from Ari Guðmundsson

ARI – Spor Ari is an Icelandic musician who was raised by elves and taught music by a group of tone-deaf trolls on an active volcano. So Ari says, which delights us here, given we have moonlighted as druids and are close friends with a number of leprechauns and various others of “the little folk”….

After playing this Levon the rest of the album

ADHD – Levon The standard of tunes this week is going through the roof here at SWIT HQ (We’ll need to get that fixed actually). Next up we have the amazing ADHD from Iceland and a track off their current album ADHD 6 entitled Levon. Tell me this isn’t amazing right? Spotify 2017 Playlist

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason serve up another ace.

Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Tennis I’ve been following these monthly releases from Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason and they never fail to produce something amazing. This is the 7th track released at the end of July called Tennis. Excellent. Out now via Morr Music. Weekly Playlist Spotify Playlist

Skrattar Djöfullinn dear Tom, Skrattar Djöfullinn to you

Skrattar & Djöfullinn Sjálfur – Splissken It’s Tom SWIT’s birthday today – so I needed to find something really special for him. And guess what? I DID IT. It’s Skrattar & Djöfullinn Sjálfur and a track off their self-titled LP Splissken. Happy Birthday buddy – tell me you love this? I love this. Everyone wish…

Check out SWIT’s new Páll

Páll Ivan frá Eiðum – Taktu Lyf So SWIT went out last night and had a great time with our friends. (yes we’ve friends). Only thing that could have made it better would be hearing this in the bar.It’s a superb piece of pop from Iceland’s Páll Ivan fry Eiðum. Beginning to feel alive again….

A mammoth tune from Mammút

Mammút – The Moon Will Never Turn On Me This is a fabulous tune from Iceland’s Mammút. It’s also the second single off their hotly anticipated new album Kinder Versions which will be released on 14th July via the always excellent Bella Union. Soundcloud 2017 Playlist 2017 Spotify Playlist

Milkywhale’s tunes will never go stale

Milkywhale – Eclipse This is the closing track of Iceland’s Milkywhale’s self-titled album called Eclipse. It’s excellent. It’s still 20 odd degrees here and it’s 11 pm. Waaaahooooo Spotify 2017 Playlist


HÄANA – Salt HÄANA, Los Angeles-based producer/violinist/vocalist combines traditional Nordic/Icelandic musical themes with digital and analog electronics to produce something unique, fresh and different. While counting Massive Attack, Björk, and Trentemøller as influences, it is obvious that she walks her own path. The new single “Salt” is “a juxtaposition of ethereal beauty and dark Valkyrie…