Hungary for tunes? You Belau believe it.

Belau ft. Szécsi Böbe – Redefine It’s lashing rain here in Dublin as we sail down the Liffey in our trusty tugboat. “I miss the summer” says Tom. “Don’t” say I. Belau ft Szécsi Böbe have us covered with Redefine. Weekly Playlist Spotify 2018 Playlist

Super World Interview Time: Ádám Márton Horváth

We loved “Hermit Songs” by Hungarian Ádám Márton Horváth. He largely composes for dance and film and his work ranges from conceptual to more traditional song structures, it’s always interesting and succeeds very well on its own merits. We were delighted to snag an interview, please do have a read and a listen – we…

Hungary for tunes?

Horváth Ádám Márton – The Bird Left This is The Bird Left from Hermit Songs (LP) by Horváth Ádám Márton. Hermit Songs was inspired by a visit at the David Gareja monastery and the book of Peter France: Hermits – The Insights of Solitude. The art work is St. Paul the Hermit by Francisco Collates….

Super World Interview Time: Dani Fazekas aka Szarkulabícc (Sakurabeats)

We’re really enjoying listening to Flowers N Birds by Hungarian lo-fi hip-hop artist Dani Fazekas aka Szarkulabícc so we were delighted when Dani agreed to answer some questions for us here in the big yellow balloon 🙂 Why did you decide to be a Musician? I started doing graffiti and everything else that falls under…

Hungary for some Hip-Hop?

Sakura – Smooth Blaze By complete coincidence I featured a track a few days ago called Sakura Sakura and now……This is Smooth Blaze from Hungary’s Sakura.It’s the opening track of latest lP 桜 Flowers N Birds. Instrumental hip-hop anyone? Personally I think it’s amazing. Weekly Playlist 2017 Playlist