Super World Indie Tune Of The Day: I want to ride my bicycle

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day 20.09.2019: Sexy Bicycle – “Angela”. And a seam, a theme that coincidentally runs through the tracks this week continues – we leave behind massive organs, huge bongos and take a ride on a Sexy Bicycle. “Angela” is a wondrously dark, inventive, multi-layered piece of faux-gothic electronica. It’s obsession,…

Bedford Falls Once More Enthralls

New release from Georgia’s answer to The Beatles (and I’m not messing when I’m comparing them to the Liverpool legends) These guys are incapable of penning anything other than fantastic tunes and here’s another masterclass. Check out This Is Your House by the wonderful Bedford Falls. (Cool video too)

Super World Indie Tune Of The Day – Bedford Falls and Midi Waltz

One of SWIT’s greatest finds to date, the amazing Bedford Falls from Georgia, who kick start 2019 with new release the excellent – Midi Waltz. I’ve just looked back and realised I’ve missed a few releases from them in 2018.So apart from making this our 1st addition to our brand spanking new SWIT 2019 playlist…

Nothing flat about Sexy Bicycle

Sexy Bicycle – Computer Virus Sexy Bicycle got in touch to tell us about his new album Ellipsis. Here’s Computer Virus off it.That break at 1 minute 20 seconds is class. Superb track. I’m going to really enjoy exploring all his other music. (I own a sexy bicycle btw.I’ll post a pic if you like)

Bedford Falls from Tbilisi have a new releasey

Bedford Falls – Fade Away Bedford Falls continue to add to their arsenal of fine tunes with latest cracker – Fade Away. If you’re looking for a new band to fall in love with then these guys could be what you’ve been waiting for. Weekly Playlist

Fall Gruc wrote this tune in a truck (possibly)

Fall Gruc – One Hundred and Seven Spacemen Crash Another band from Tbilisi,Georgia, are those guys great at the tunes or what !?!?!? This is Fall Gruc, masters of the catchy title, and their new song/video called “One Hundred and Seven Spacemen Crash”. It’s a case of not learning the lesson of Major Tom and…